Take Our Popular Painting Classes Online

We strive to offer a unique experience that combines good times and good drinks in our paint & sip classes. We are now offering our incredible classes virtually that you can take in the comfort of your own home!
Purchase just a recording of one of our famous instructions, or choose the option to pick up supplies from our studio or even have them shipped directly to you and your guests.
Why paint and sip?
Painting offers a one of a kind experience for adults and children. Recreate classic paintings as well as some customer favorites. Take classes virtually with a few friends at the same time! Sip your favorite wine or beverage while creating your own masterpiece. Great fun regardless of your skill level - every class is for beginners!

Our Shipped Painting Supplies Include:

one 11x14 canvas, four brushes, five paints (primary colors, black, and white), a disposable apron, and a paint palette for mixing